[kepler-dev] EML200DataSource Problems

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 7 17:31:13 PDT 2004

At 02:00 PM 10/7/2004 -0500, Rod Spears wrote:
>It's my belief that it is a Ptolemy issue that the ports don't update. 
>Also, I sent an email on this while back and didn't get a satisfactory 
>answer. When I change the iconDescription attribute to a different SVG 
>icon description it does not get updated on the screen until I move the icon.

Hmm... I think it was me that responded... I pointed you to code
that shows how to make an icon that changes immediately.
It will not work to change the SVG icon description because this
will not be used until the entire model gets repainted...


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