[kepler-dev] SetBreakpoints ?

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Fri Nov 19 07:45:58 PST 2004

Dan Higgins writes:
    Hi All,
        Does anyone know if there is any documentation on how to use the 
    "SetBreakpoints" menu that appears in the popup when one right clicks on 
    a Ptolemy actor? I can't see that it does anything.

There does not appear to be documentation.

Basically, the idea is that one uses uses "Set Breakpoints" facility
to set a breakpoint in an actor.  Then, when the model is run, the
the model will pause when that point is reached.  If one is running
the model under a debugger, then one can in theory peruse the stack.

See $PTII/doc/coding/debugging.htm for hints about debugging using
gdb. and $PTII/doc/coding/eclipse.htm for hints about debugging using

Note that not all actors have a fire method, so setting a breakpoint
"after fire" for the Ramp actor will _not_ pause execution; instead,
Ramp uses iterate, so one should select "after iterate"


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