[kepler-dev] from nightly builds to a poor man's installer

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Nov 8 17:42:49 PST 2004

Hi Bertram,

The nightly build currently generates a compiled version of things but 
we don't make the results available.  We had discussed using the 
products of the nnightly build to update Ilkay's Java web start 
directory every night.  That would effectively make the current build 
available to everyone with a single click. We're still having some 
problems with the JWS version, but I suspect it could be patched up 
relatively quickly -- the hard part is being sure that the ant buidl 
script completely creates everything needed for the JWS distribution -- 
then its just a matter of copying them into the right location.


Bertram Ludaescher wrote:
> Hi Dan, Chad, Matt, Ilkay and other Kepler-alpha fans ;-)
> I was wondering whether there are any plans to support a "poor man's
> installer" based on the nightly builds?
> For example right now some folks want to try some recently checked in
> stuff but can't do so because they are not in the alpha3 release. 
> Is there a way, e.g., to automate (or explain in sufficient detail)
> the procedure to go from a nightly built "tar-ball" (or similar) to
> a Kepler installation.
> What's the plan and what's the recommended procedure for now?
> Thanks
> Bertram
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