[kepler-dev] Re: Roadnet Kepler demo

Dr. Kent Lindquist kent at lindquistconsulting.com
Tue Nov 2 13:18:00 PST 2004

Bertram Ludaescher wrote:
> Brandon (and other's who might know):
> We would like to resurrect Tobin's simple Roadnet/Kepler real-time
> streaming demo. 
> Does this involve just updating the URLs? (the previous ones are no
> longer working due to a planned change of the system..)
> If the new URLs or working variant of the earlier Roadnet demo is
> around somewhere, we could demo it here at the SEEK meeting. 
> HELP! (thanks!)

Hello All,

The correct orbserver to be used in the ROADNet/Kepler demos is


Due to continued issues with access permissions, I went ahead and opened 
this orbserver up to world read-only access. If we have trouble with 
overloading or abuse [or protests...], we can close that back down. 
However, for now it should help make your demos successful. Please feel 
free to let me know of any questions.

Best regards,

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