[kepler-dev] Re: [SDM-SPA] Setting up Eclipse to access the Kepler repository

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Fri Mar 19 16:00:47 PST 2004

Sounds good to me.  Try to follow the format of the pages in 
kepler/website as we have an easy mechanism to make sure the toolbar etc 
are on all pages (they are included via iframes) and that we use a 
consistent styling (we have a single css file for the site).

Chad, Ilkay, and I all have permission on the web server to publish the 
new pages, so after you make the changes and get them checked in one of 
us can propogate the changes to the web site.


David Buttler wrote:
> I think that Zhengang was using Tortoise through Eclipse as the 
> communication mechanism.  Setting that up looked quite complex to me, 
> and I have never tried that configuration.  This was necessary because 
> Eclipse 2.1 only supported SSH1 out of the box.  The more recent 
> versions of Eclipse have an option to enable SSH2.  This makes CVS 
> repository exploring extremely nice -- you can configure the repository 
> once, and the IDE will keep track of the versions, which files have been 
> updated, which files need to be committed, and it provides a nice 
> graphical (tree) view of the CVS repository.
> It looks like all of this type of information could go into a web page 
> in the Kepler repository. It would include
> * setting up eclipse
> * checking out Kepler
> and it could later include information on
> * creating  a patch
> * submitting a patch for inclusion in the Kepler repository (under 
> discretion of the developers)
> If people think this would be useful, I could hack up a simple Web page 
> that gathers all the information on this topic and send it to Ilkay (or 
> Xiaowen when she gets her write access) for inclusion.
> Dave
> Matt Jones wrote:
>> Unless he can use relative paths in the eclipse config, its unlikely 
>> that his eclipse configuration will work for others because they'll 
>> have different locations for the kepler checkout.  So I'm not sure its 
>> particularly useful as a checkin, unless there is other info other 
>> than the locations of the jar files.  Maybe he could add a description 
>> to the README or the website on how to set up the Eclipse environment 
>> as an alternative?
>> Also, TortoiseCVS is quite simple -- I can usually download the sw, 
>> configure it, and check out a module in less than 5 minutes. 
>> Subsequent checkouts are of course even faster.  Are you using a 
>> recent version? Maybe an upgrade would be in order if so.  If that's 
>> not it, what are you having difficulties with?  Maybe one of us can help.
>> Matt
>> Zhengang Cheng wrote:
>>> Dear Dave,
>>>> From outside like us, we need to set eclipse to access through SSH.
>>> The method I know is trhough TortoiseCVS and quite complex. Do you 
>>> know a
>>> easy way to access CVS via SSH?
>>> The outline you gave is great, mine is more complex. I think it may 
>>> be good
>>> that you check in all the configurations also into CVS, so we can use
>>> directly without the need for configuring path etc.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Zhengang
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>>>> Sure.
>>>> It probably needs to be polished a little bit.  Maybe after Zhengang
>>>> tries it he can tell be what parts do or don't work.
>>>> Dave
>>>> Ilkay Altintas wrote:
>>>>> Hi David,
>>>>> This is great info for Eclipse users.
>>>>> Can we put this on the downloads website?
>>>>> Best,
>>>>> Ilkay
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>>>>> Subject: [SDM-SPA] Setting up Eclipse to access the Kepler repository
>>>>> I have been playing around with Eclipse to get it to the point 
>>>>> where it
>>>>> will compile the kepler code as it stands.
>>>>> Here are the steps that work for me:
>>>>> 1) check kepler out of CVS
>>>>> 2) bring up the properties page for the kepler project
>>>>> 3) select the java build path
>>>>> 3) select the source tab and select the following directories as 
>>>>> source
>>>>> directories
>>>>> -- kepler/src
>>>>> -- kepler/src/exp
>>>>> -- kepler/dynsrc
>>>>> Note that you will have to make sure that the directory /exp is 
>>>>> excluded
>>>>> under the src directory
>>>>> 4) select the libraries tab and add the necessary jars (some of which
>>>>> are external jars from the Ptolemy directory)
>>>>> You should be able to understand most of this by looking at my
>>>>> .classpath file for the kepler project, which I have attached
>>>>> If you have any questions, let me know.
>>>>> Dave

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