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Edward A Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Mar 18 07:22:41 PST 2004

We have avoided having a directory called "src" because in Unix
culture such directories are optional.  I.e., you don't need them
to run the software.  If you have a "src" tree, then there
should be a separate tree for .class and .xml files, which is a
hassle.  If you are releasing open source, there really isn't
any reason (that I see) to do this...


At 03:20 PM 3/17/2004 -0800, Xiaowen Xin wrote:
>David, Ilkay, Zhengang, Dan and I have discussed on the phone and over
>email the last couple of days about the directory hierarchy
>reorganization and have come to a rough consensus.  This will be a long
>email, so please bear with me =)
>The problem basically is that there is currently no clear organization
>of the files in the CVS repository.  Workflows are scattered around the
>lib/ directory for example, and it's not clear, looking at the
>repository, which files relate to SPA and which to one of the other
>Here's a pictorial view of how we would like to reorganize the
>repository.  I will be talking mostly about SPA, but the concepts should
>carry over to the other Kepler projects as well.
>- copyright.txt
>- build.xml
>- bin
>         - runVergil.bat
>         - runVergil.sh
>- build (directory used for compiling the sources)
>- docs
>- lib
>         - jar (directory for all the jars)
>         - dll (directory for all the dlls)
>- src
>         - org
>                 - ecoinformatics
>                 - geon
>                 - sdm
>                         - spa (directory for all the spa-related actors)
>                         - util
>- test
>- workflows
>         - spa (directory for spa workflows)
>         - seek
>         - geon
>So all the SPA related actors will be in the org.sdm.spa package.
>Currently there are some SPA actors in edu.ncsu.sdm, but this doesn't
>make much conceptual sense.  There's no reason to divide up SPA source
>files according to the organization that developed it, since all of SPA
>will be working closely together to create _one_ set of interrelated
>actors.  Zhengang will work on moving the actors from edu.ncsu.sdm to
>org.sdm.spa.  It's better to divide up the source files by project
>rather than by organization because the boundary between organizations
>is artificial and only serves to confuse things.
>Currently, there's a util/ directory in src/.  This isn't really
>consistent with our naming convention so far (i.e. putting source files
>in packages that reflect which project made them).  The argument for
>having a util/ directory has been that we'd like to put useful classes
>in there that can be shared between the projects.  However, this
>argument doesn't make much sense because theoretically, all of our
>actors could be shared between the projects.  So we'd like to move the
>files in util/ to org/sdm/spa/util.  If another project requires the
>functionality of those two classes, then it would have to include the
>org.sdm.spa.util package instead of simply the util package.
>After making these changes, all the SPA source files will be in
>org/sdm/spa, thus making it much easier to distinguish SPA and its
>contribution to Kepler.
>Currently, all the workflows are in lib/ and there are some that are not
>in CVS at all.  We would like create a top-level workflows/ directory to
>store all of the workflows.  spa, seek, and geon would be subdirectories
>under there.  Thus all SPA workflows will be put in workflows/spa/.
>Similarly, GEON and SEEK should probably do the same with their
>With this directory structure, it would be easy to tell which workflows
>are designed for which project, but we must also remember to check all
>of our workflows into CVS, and update them when/if they break.  Having
>PIW-full.xml, PIW-full_new_matt.xml, PIW-int-ex0.xml, and
>PIW-full_new.xml, as we do right now is just plain confusing!
>Currently the lib/ directory is a mess.  It appears to be the garbage
>bin, where everything is dumped if the author can't find a better
>container for it.  So we propose a series of steps to clean this up.
>1. There are two dll's in lib/.  There should probably be a subdirectory
>called dll/ under lib/ that contains these dll's.  The person who put
>these there should probably move them ...
>2. demos.htm and ptolemy-index.html should probably be moved out of lib/
>and into a more appropriate folder, probably into src/.
>3. Ilkay will dispose of lib/forBerkeley/ and lib/forSB/ folders or move
>them into the top-level test/ folder since they contain testing material
>and so don't belong in lib/.  Whoever's responsible for
>lib/ecoPipelines/ should probably do the same because that's testing
>material also as I understand it.
>4. Is everyone ok with our deleting makefile and makefile.lib from
>lib/?  These are also not library files, and we're not using makefiles
>any more.
>5. We should move runVergil.bat and runVergil.sh into a top-level bin/
>6. Does anyone know what lib/sample.dat and lib/scew-0.3.1.tar.gz are?
>Can we delete them?
>7. We will delete the lib/soap directory because it's empty, and there's
>already a lib/jar/soap that contains jar files.
>8. We need to do something about lib/testdata/ because it's not a
>library file.  I personally think it should be moved into the global
>test/ directory.
>9. We will move lib/workflow/ into the top-level workflows/ directory.
>The existence of src/exp/ seems a bit questionable.  It seems to stand
>for "experimental".  Maybe it's time to either make it stable and
>incorporate it into an existing project, or delete it ...
>Please comment!  If nobody objects to the proposed restructuring here, I
>can do nothing but assume everybody loves it =)  We'd like to get this
>finalized as soon as possible, which would make it easier to create a
>distribution.  Matt will be back next week from travel I believe, and it
>would be wonderful to have some kind of rudimentary installer for him.
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