[kepler-dev] Re: [SDM-SPA] Latest SPA Release (updated)

David Buttler buttler1 at llnl.gov
Thu Mar 4 15:43:48 PST 2004

Hi Zhengang,
I am having trouble installing this for some reason.
When I click on the installer I get get three options: modify, repair, 
and remove
If I choose modify, I get a dialog that lists SWE.  I continue and I get 
a unintelligible error.  Something like "internal error 2203"
This may be because I am not an administrator on my machine, but I 
thought that the previous version did not require administrative rights

what are the actions that the installer takes?  And what exactly are the 
requirements that need to be satisfied before it is installed?  Are 
there any changes to the system registry?

Thanks for looking into this,

Zhengang Cheng wrote:

>Dear All,
>We have made the changes Dr. Vouk  identified.
>The new release is accessible now at
>http://sdm2.csc.ncsu.edu/SWE/SDMSWE1v0-Beta3.exe for
>Windows platform.  
>This release expects that the machine has Java and
>Ptolemy 3.02 installed. The above installer only contain component specific
>for SPA project (mainly matt's workflow).
>When testing, please keep in mind that we are working to solve the Transfac
>problem. Any suggestion is welcome. 

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