[kepler-dev] [Bug 1546] - dynamic data and actor views using ontologies

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Tue Jun 8 13:39:26 PDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From bowers at sdsc.edu  2004-06-08 13:39 -------
We need to clarify the "query language" that will be provided to allow a user to
dynamically view actors and datasets via ontological information.  

The simplest "query language" would be to allow a user to select a single
concept to organize the view by.  For example, by giving "AnalyticalModel", a
tree would be created with "AnalyticalModel" as the root node, the various
subtypes of "AnalyticalModel" as internal nodes, and the actual actors/workflows
as leaves of the tree. (Note that we prune internal nodes here if no
actors/workflows exist along the path.)

As more complex "query expressions" are permitted, how results should be
displayed becomes less clear. For example, we could permit single concept query
plus role restrictions such as "AnalyticalModel and uses StatisticalModel". In
this case, it isn't clear how the root node should be displayed, or how further
subtypes of the root are best displayed. We could permit multiple concepts in
query expressions (implying that each concept is "anded"). Multiple concepts
with role restrictions. And, arbitrary concept expressions (e.g.,
"AnalyticalModel using StatisticalModel or StatisticalRegressionModel"). Each of
these would seem to complicate the display.

As a first cut, I think we should stick to single-concept queries.

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