[kepler-dev] [Bug 1586] New: - Query engine implementation for data query in kepler

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at sdsc.edu
Fri Jun 4 09:14:02 PDT 2004

This is good. It may also be related to typing extensions we are
considering (a) semantics types (concept expressions) and (b)
user-defined complex types.

Specifically tokens may have a "tuple" type or "table" type that
corresponds to a relational database schema.


>>>>> "b" == bugzilla-daemon  <bugzilla-daemon at ecoinformatics.org> writes:
b> http://bugzilla.ecoinformatics.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1586
b>            Summary: Query engine implementation for data query in kepler
b>            Product: Kepler
b>            Version: 1.0.0alpha1
b>           Platform: Other
b>         OS/Version: other
b>             Status: NEW
b>           Severity: normal
b>           Priority: P2
b>          Component: interface
b>         AssignedTo: tao at nceas.ucsb.edu
b>         ReportedBy: tao at nceas.ucsb.edu
b>          QAContact: kepler-dev at ecoinformatics.org
b> This task is for query data object locally (in Kepler). After loading data
b> object into db system (See bug 1584), we need a engine to excute the query which
b> user specifies in UI. This engine will connect db, excute the query and return
b> the data object.
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