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This looks like a workshop/meeting in Edinburgh about what Bertram sent 
an email about yesterday...

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National e-Science Centre News
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News and a Meeting

Announcement of Web Service Resource Framework

Dr Daniel Sabbah, Vice President, Software Development, Strategy and
Architecture at IBM, on behalf of IBM and the Globus Alliance, announced
proposals for a collection of web service standards that  provide
conventions for handling stateful resources, e.g., file systems,
databases and long-running programs, within the preferred
service-oriented architecture of web services.  This neatly addresses
the requirements of large-scale and long-running systems typical of grid
computing while retaining the style of web services favoured by

The announcement was made at Globus World (http://www.globusworld.org/)
in San Francisco.  More information can be found at www.globus.org/wsrf.

Professor Tony Hey, Director of the UK e-Science Core Programme said,

"The proposed WSRF standards are a very welcome step as they bring the
web services and grid communities into closer alignment.  This will lead
to increased synergy with commercial middleware development that will be
of significant value to research communities.  In this emerging
framework the UK is expected to continue to play a leading role in
developing standards and their implementations."

Prof Malcolm Atkinson Director of the National e-Science Centre said,

"These proposed
standards are a very valuable and a much needed step in the integration
of web service and grid approaches to large scale distributed systems.
I'm delighted to see that they provide an effective framework for
handling stateful components which are essential for grids,
computational steering and distributed data management. Many European
organisations rely on the Globus Toolkit and we are pleased to be at the
vanguard of
developments which will deliver much greater synergy between commerce
and research."


WSRF: The Future of Grid and Web Services

We are pleased to announce a presentation and technical discussion on
the Web Services Resource Framework.  Steve Tuecke and others will
present an overview and highlights of the new framework, addressing
motivation and technical consequences.  This will be followed by a panel
discussion with plenty of time for questions.

Steve Tuecke of Argonne National Laboratory is the Globus Alliance
Systems Architect.  He is the leader of the OGSI standardisation working
group and is involved in many other GGF and W3C working groups.

Date: 28 January 2004
Time: 16:30 for 17:00.  The meeting will end by 20:00.
Venue: Room 308 (a lecture theatre) of the Huxley building, Imperial
College, Queens Gate

16:30 Registration, Tea, Coffee and biscuits
17:00 High-level Overview of Standards and Technologies 	Steve
17:30 Technical and Engineering Issues				Steve

18:30 Panel Discussion: What is the impact on e-Science, Grids and
Industry? Panel to be announced

Please register on the following web site if you intend to attend,
places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served


Steve Tuecke has agreed to be available for further technical discussion
on the morning of 29th January from 09:30 to 13:30 before flying back to
the USA.  If you wish to engage in such further discussion please
indicate when you are available and what topic you wish to discuss.  We
will then endeavour to schedule these meetings.

Prof Malcolm Atkinson

This message is to remind you of the abstract submission deadline for
the Future of Grid Data Environments workshop at GGF-10:

Deadline for submission of extended abstracts (pdf, 3-5 pages): 30th
Website: http://www.nesc.ac.uk/events/GGF10-DA/
Call: http://www.nesc.ac.uk/events/GGF10-DA/call.pdf

Applicants will have the capacity to promote the NCeSS as the central
resource base for e-social science issues and activities in the UK, and
to undertake outreach activities that stimulate the uptake of e-Social
Science and Grid technology across the UK social science community.

Further particulars and an application form are available from:
http://www.man.ac.uk/n ews/vacancies/acadrel.html#019

Events outwith NeSC
ESRC National Centre for E-Social Science (NCeSS) Consultation Day
Date: 28th January 2004, Venue: British Library, London, Time: 10-4

This workshop will provide an opportunity for key representatives of the
UK social science community to learn more about the activities of the
NCeSS and to help shape the specification for the NCeSS Nodes.

Space is limited and places will be allocated on a strictly first-come
first-served basis.  To register for the event please send an email to
joyce.dodson at man.ac.uk.

Please email "list-subscriptions at nesc.ac.uk" if you wish to be
removed from this mailing list.

Chad Berkley
National Center for
Ecological Analysis
and Synthesis (NCEAS)
berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu

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