[kepler-dev] Some major fixes just checked in for Data Sources

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Thu Dec 16 10:48:36 PST 2004

1) I changed the name of an XML element that had been wrong for a while 
(returnfield -> returnField)
this means you should delete your cache.

2) The caching mechanism and the Data Sources no longer use strings for 
passing cached data (we knew this would be a bad thing at some point), 
so now the parsers parse directly from the local data file in the cache. 
In the future we can switch it to use streams, but since a lot of the 
parsing code was laready using helper function function which could 
easily take a file name I did that instead. It will only byte us if we 
switch away from the current cache implementation where we use 
individual file names, wwich at the moment is likely because indv. file 
names work well HSQL. NOte because of the largeness of the DiGIR 
datasets they were not being obtinaed from the cache correctly, so now 
we are getting the cached resultsets instead of refetching them

So update everything, rebuild and delete your cache.


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