[kepler-dev] XMLToken and RecordToken

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Fri Dec 10 21:45:21 PST 2004

At 01:55 PM 12/8/2004 -0700, Jianting Zhang wrote:
>I'm not a formal language person, but conceptually there should be a set 
>of types in a type system  that are mutually independent and minimal. 
>Although syntactic sugar might be needed for practical reasons, this set 
>of types should be clear and well-defined. So my question again is what's 
>the basic set of types in Ptolemy and what's the guideline to 
>define/derive new types/tokes? I consulted Ptolemy documents and found 
>only 1-2 pages (section 3.4 of software design documentation) talked about 
>this issue. Any further references are extremely welcome.

The intent of the Ptolemy II type system is to be extensible.
You can add to the type lattice, and unless you want to support
conversion to and from existing types, you don't need to modify
any code in Ptolemy II to do this.

Unfortunately, the best documentation for this is the code...
There is a chapter in the design document describing the type
system that is quite good, but it's really aimed more at users
than extenders...


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