[kepler-dev] trouble building

Tobin Fricke tobin at pas.rochester.edu
Wed Dec 8 10:20:10 PST 2004

On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, Dan Higgins wrote:

> Tobin,
>     Looks like you are running the jre, not the java jdk. tools.jar
> contains things like the java compiler,etc. I suspect this will cause a
> problem and suggest that you download the jdk (Java Development Kit).

I definitely have the JDK installed, although it's not in the "usual
place" but rather in /home/tobin/jdk1.5.0 .  Do I have to tell Kepler
about this?

[tobin at crunch2 ~]$ echo $PTJAVA_DIR
[tobin at crunch2 ~]$ echo $PATH
[tobin at crunch2 ~]$ which javac

I don't have root here, so everything has to go in my home directory.

The new error I am getting is this:

BUILD FAILED /home/tobin/working/kepler/build.xml:422: The following error
occurred while executing this line:
/home/tobin/working/kepler/build-ptolemy.xml:132: Failed to copy
due to
(Input/output error)

Total time: 5 minutes 16 seconds

I suspect this is some kind of NFS error on the computer system here. )-:


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