[kepler-dev] Plan for gui modification of registry search

Laura L. Downey ldowney at lternet.edu
Thu Dec 2 08:31:52 PST 2004

Sorry I didn't respond sooner.  I've been out of town the last couple of

I have begun doing a review of the interaction and visual design of Kepler
and sketching up some solutions.  I've already noted the issues with the
interaction design in the window that appears after the user clicks on the
"source" button from the data tab.  In fact Dan and I were just talking
about this Monday.  Jing you are correct in some of your observations of the
problems.  There is some definite confusion in the current design.
Currently, my plan is to deal with some of the interaction and visual design
issues of Kepler right after the beginning of the year.  Right now I'm
preparing some usability activities for the December ENM working meeting so
I'm tied up with that.

The easiest way to communicate the UI re-work that needs doing will be with
screen designs so I'll mock things up and get them into CVS.  I'll
coordinate with Matt on priorities.

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I agree this needs to be reworked.  I would suggest that you let Laura 
do a re-design of the screens, and then you can implement the changes. 
As Laura will (Hopefully) be doing an evaluation of many aspects of 
Kepler, I'll let her comment on when this should happen.


Jing Tao wrote:
> Hi, everyone:
> It seems people sometimes gets confuse after clicking "Souce" buttion in
> Data tab in kepler. I would like to modify it and make it more clear.
> Currently after clicking "Source" button, a frame with one table and four
> buttons will be shown. Tn the table, there are two columns, service Name
> and Document Type, which with select boxes. People always think that
> search action will search the selected service and doctype. Unfortunately,
> currently the selection box is for removing: after you select the service
> or doctype then you click "Remove" button, the selected services or
> doctype will be removed from search list.
> Here is my plan:
> Remove "Remove" button. When the frame showing, every service and doctype
> will be selected in selection box. If you unselected one of them, the
> unselected item will be removed from search list(This functionality can
> replace "remove"). If you unselect nothing, everything in table will be
> searched.
> Another issue is do we need selection box for "Service Name" column. The
> reason I added this selection box is for user convenience. One service may
> have more one document types can be search. If you check one service name,
> every document type in this services will be automatically checked(and
> they will be disabled). If you uncheck the servie name, the document type
> in service will be automatically unchecked(and they will be enabled). But
> currently we only have one doctype for search in every service, so the
> check box for service name look like redundant.
> Any suggestion and comment will be appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Jing

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