[kepler-dev] Jars required for Wmsd Actor

Werner G. Krebs wkrebs at sdsc.edu
Tue Aug 31 16:33:43 PDT 2004

Ilkay and I here at SDSC recently added the WmsdActor (in org.eol) to 

This actor allows Kepler to control the "embarressingly parallel" 
Encyclopedia of Life biological workflow (http://eol.sdsc.edu) Grid 
project here at SDSC.

WmsdActor controls wmsd (in the wmsd.jar), which, in turn, sends 
life-science related jobs to various clusters around the world via the 
Apst system, developed here at SDSC.

The WmsdActor requires wmsd.jar and jdom.jar (as well as two jars 
already in kepler --- junit.jar and the oracle jar).

For the WmsdActor to compile correctly, these two jars must be present.
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