[kepler-dev] What I have working so far......

Rod Spears rod at rodspears.com
Fri Aug 27 10:32:13 PDT 2004

I created a new Actor (within the XML Definition) named Eml200DS, so as 
not to conflict with the existing actor. It uses Eml200DataSource.java

The new object has two "String" attributes, one for the Schema and one 
for the Query (the Strings hold the XML definitions of the objects)

When I create on in the palette it look like this:

Note: No output ports

Then I right-click and select "Look Inside" and I get the QueryBuilder 
with the Schema preloaded from the "schemaDef" attribute:

Then I select "File" and then "Close" and I get this Dialog:

I press apply and it send the change to Eml200DataSource which in turn 
clears all the ports, creates a new trigger input port and then creates 
all the output ports from the QueryDef XML:

Now I repeat the step, and the QB is preloaded with both the schema and 
my previous Query definition. I add another "column" name, then close 
and apply and I get this:

If I right-click and select "Configure" I get this which show the 
contents of the attributes:

So now I have a Eml200DS object with a schema and a query. It is ready 
to be executed.

To execute, Jing will take the QueryDef object created from the XML and 
then ask for the SQL string and call the hSql engine. The we should be 
on our way.

The schema can come from a Resultset or from a generic Schema Definition.


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