[kepler-dev] Re: seek/kepler conference call tomorrow

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Thu Aug 19 06:46:24 PDT 2004

At the moment I am in..... and the time sounds fine.

Matt Jones wrote:

> Hi,
> We agreed in Edinburgh at the SEEK meeting to be targeting an Oct 15th 
> deadline for a semi-stable Kepler release (beta1) that contains the 
> major components to satisfy the Ecological Niche Modeling case studies 
> in SEEK.  We have made progress towards this goal, but I think we are 
> a bit behind.  I'd like to have a conference call tomorrow to discuss 
> progress and possibly reprioritize SEEK-related kepler work.
> Proposed time: 10:30 am Pacific time Aug 19, 2004
> We need at least the principal SEEK contributors to Kepler (Matt, 
> Jing, Rod, Dan, Chad, and Bertram), and others are welcome.  Please 
> let me know if this time works for you. If it works generally, I will 
> send call-in details in a followup email to those who say they want to 
> participate.  Please send me agenda items, but I would like to discuss 
> the following items:
> 1. Ecological Niche Modeling pipeline
>     GIS actors status
>     GARP and other model actor status
>     presampling actors status
>     image display actors for GIS data -- outstanding needs?
> 2. EcoGrid and data access in Kepler
>     Metadata query facility changes needed
>     Data query implementation status
>     Mammal data access -- and metadata -- DIGIR results status
>     Environmental data layer access -- and metadata
>     Timeline for completion
> 3. Ontology-based browsing for actors and data
>     Java API to sparrow status
>     Design and implementation in Kepler status
> 4. Saving kepler products to EcoGrid
>     Prioritization of 'put' interface work
> Ilkay would also like to discuss the possibility of another Kepler 
> mini-hackathon at San Diego appended to the September SEEK meeting. 
> The last one was very productive for everyone who came, and it might 
> be good timing to work together for an Oct 15 beta release.
> Matt

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