[kepler-dev] Re: Error while loading DataTypeResolver

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Aug 17 08:57:20 PDT 2004

Works for me, both using the ant build and the Eclipse build.

Yesterday I spent a little time getting everything working in Eclipse. 
 From what I can tell everything is working using Eclipse to build the 
project.  I'll review and update the instructions on the web site soon.


Jing Tao wrote:
> Hi, Matt:
> Since you changed file path from "kepler/config.xml" to "config.xml" in 
> Config.java, I revised the build.xml too.
> Before I modified the build.xml, the config.xml will be in 
> "kepler/config.xml" location of kepler-configs.jar. Now it is in root of 
> kepler-configs.jar.
> Would you mind testing it again? If something doesn't work, please let me 
> know. Thanks.
> Last week, Dan modified the Config.java and tried to make it read 
> config.xml  from kepler-configs.jar file. But it seemed this class 
> can't read part of config.xml if we put config.xml in the root of 
> kepler-configs.jar. But if config.xml was put into kepler/config.xml in 
> kepler-configs.jar, it would work. We didn't figure out why and I had to 
> put the config.xml in kepler/config.xml in the jar file. This is the 
> reason i put config.xml in "kepler/config.xml" location in 
> kepler-config.jar file.
> Thanks.
> Jing
> On Mon, 16 Aug 2004, Matt Jones wrote:
>>Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 15:07:08 -0800
>>From: Matt Jones <jones at nceas.ucsb.edu>
>>To: Rod Spears <rods at ku.edu>
>>Cc: kepler-dev at ecoinformatics.org
>>Subject: [kepler-dev] Re: Error while loading DataTypeResolver
>>It seems the error you were encountering had to do with not being able 
>>to locate the kepler/lib/config.xml file which defines the data types. 
>>The ant build file moves it from its location in lib, so the path was 
>>wrong.  I just committed an update that causes it to get the file as a 
>>Resource so that it will load from a jar file or other location.  So now 
>>it works for me both from ant and from Eclipse.  Let me know if the 
>>update helped with the problem you were having.  This should help with 
>>the eclipse build and with the webstart build.

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