[kepler-dev] Re: Error while loading DataTypeResolver

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Tue Aug 17 07:12:48 PDT 2004

I found the problem. I had made a minor change (a bad one at that) to 
the DataTypeResolver to get the QB working. It all works now.


Matt Jones wrote:

> Rod,
> It seems the error you were encountering had to do with not being able 
> to locate the kepler/lib/config.xml file which defines the data types. 
> The ant build file moves it from its location in lib, so the path was 
> wrong.  I just committed an update that causes it to get the file as a 
> Resource so that it will load from a jar file or other location.  So 
> now it works for me both from ant and from Eclipse.  Let me know if 
> the update helped with the problem you were having.  This should help 
> with the eclipse build and with the webstart build.
> Matt

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