[kepler-dev] VNC for 'detached execution' of Kepler?

vouk vouk at ncsu.edu
Thu Aug 5 10:15:29 PDT 2004

Good idea

Bertram Ludaescher wrote:

>Dear all:
>Steve Parker just mentioned the Virtual Network Computing Package.
>This could provide a (simple?) solution for some of our Kepler/HPC
>activities, i.e., where one starts a long running job and where the
>control instance/workflow engine (Kepler/Ptolemy) needs to continue to 
>run as well for a long time.
>So here is an example:
>Someone wants to start a long running workflow/computational
>experiment (say via Nimrod, Condor, etc) from the laptop. 
>Obviously, after disconnecting the workflow needs to continue to
>execute, and one should be able to reconnect to the running instance.
>By starting Kepler remotely on a "Kepler/Ptolemy engine server" (not
>necessarily the compute nodes, mind you!) and routing the display etc
>through VNC, it seems the above can be done (disconnect and reconnect
>So this is a bit like Citrix++ but for "real systems" ;-)
>Just a thought.. 
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