[kepler-dev] Re: Ptolemy II 4.0.1 is available for download

xiaowen xin2 at llnl.gov
Wed Aug 4 21:11:49 PDT 2004

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for releasing Ptolemy II 4.0.1!  I look forward to trying the 
context menu fix for Linux and the Mac.

1.  I noticed that the IterateOverArray actor was removed in 4.0.1 and I 
didn't see a note about why that was done.  I've already started using 
that actor in my workflows, so I'm sad to see it go.  Will you tell me 
what happened to it?  Has it been renamed or moved to a different location?

2.  I'm happy to see the addition of actors in the 
ptolemy.actor.lib.string package.  String operations are very useful in 
workflows, and I've been using the expression language to accomplish a 
lot of this.  For example, I've used <string>.length() to get the string 
length instead of the StringLength actor.  Using real actors instead of 
an expression actor may be more readable.  I'd like to suggest that 
Ptolemy II include a StringReverse actor as well.  I wrote one and 
checked it into the Kepler repository at 
src/org/sdm/spa/StringReverse.java.  Reversing a string was not 
something I could figure out how to do with the expression language 
because I couldn't find a method in the Java String class API to help 
with it.  Will you please include something like this in the next release?


Christopher Brooks wrote:

 > Ptolemy II 4.0.1 is available for download from
 > http://ptolemy.eecs.berkeley.edu/ptolemyII/ptII4.0/
 > Below are the major changes between Ptolemy II 4.0 and Ptolemy II
 > 4.0.1:
 > * The context (right click) menu works more reliably under MacOS X
 >    and Linux.
 > * The DE and CT domains were having problems with rounding in
 >    timestamps.
 > * Fixed the icon editor so that snap resolution is smaller.
 > * Fixed a bug where the port configurer dialog discarded user data if
 >    closed by clicking on the X in the dialog window.
 > * Fixed a bug where typing Cntr-N while the mouse was on an object
 >    that was not a class triggered an InternalErrorException.
 > * Fixed a bug in the DE Sampler actor where the output port had no
 >    type constraint relative to the initial value.
 > * Fixed bug in DirectoryListing actor where inputs at the
 >    directoryOrURLPort port were being ignored.
 > * Fixed a bug where the port configurer dialog discarded user data if
 >    closed by clicking on the X in the dialog window.
 > * Under the Windows installer, sometimes the javadoc documentation was
 >    not found.
 > * Certain applets were missing references to one or more jar files,
 >    which resulted in slow downloads.
 > * Typos in documentation were fixed.
 > I'd like to specifically thank the following people for their work on
 > the changes from 4.0 to 4.0.1: Haiyang Zheng, Rowland R. Johnson and
 > Edward A. Lee.
 > I'd also like to thank the Kepler developers for testing 4.0 and
 > providing feedback, especially Xiaowen Xin, Tobin Fricke, Dan Higgins
 > and Chad Berkley.
 > For the Ptolemy II 4.0 release, I'd like to thank the Ptolemy Team,
 > especially Rachel Zhou, Haiyang Zheng, Yang Zhao, Stephen
 > Neuendorffer, Xiaojun Liu, Rowland R. Johnson and Edward A. Lee.
 > My apologies if I missed anyone.
 > Also, I realized I never formally announced Ptolemy 4.0, so below is 
a text version of the release notes for 4.0.1.
 > An HTML version can be found at

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