[kepler-dev] read/write Ptolemy accounts

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 4 14:44:22 PDT 2004

I'm going on vacation Tuesday 8/10 through Thursday 8/26.
[I know, isn't that special :-) ]

If any Kepler developer would like a read/write CVS account
before I go, please send me email.

The reasons to get a read/write account:

1) Make useful changes to the Ptolemy tree instead of the Kepler tree.
For example, someone was mentioning adding float and other types.
This should really go in the Ptolemy tree.  
Perhaps the Ptolemy build.xml file should go in the Ptolemy tree?

2) Make trivial bug fixes in the Ptolemy code, fix obvious typos etc.

Below are some guidelines:

When updating the Ptolemy tree, please follow the Ptolemy style guide.

If you are making a change to current UI functionality, the change
should probably be discussed with Edward and Steve.

When checking in changes, please don't break the build.  That is,
changes should compile and the current functionality should continue
to work.

Ideally, changes will be under the UC Regents copyright.  If there are
questions concerning the intellectual property rights of a piece of
code, please send me email.

If you are thinking of making major changes, please check with us.
Posting to kepler-dev is probably the best way.  

Basically, I'm impressed with the high quality of the Kepler work, and
it seems unlikely that anyone who is active with the Kepler project
is more likely to break the Ptolemy tree than myself.


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