[kepler-dev] Re: Can't see context menus in editor

Edward A Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sun Aug 1 05:09:24 PDT 2004

At 08:17 PM 7/31/2004 -0700, Ned Konz wrote:
>The Diva fix helped with the menu problem. I still have the problem with
>control-N, though; I'll post that separately.

As Christopher pointed out, The control-N problem is fixed
in the 4.0.1 release and in the development tree.
We are working furiously to try to get the 4.0.1
release out, but I'm afraid that we've been making
Christopher's life very difficult with too many changes :-(

The problem here is simple: control-N, if invoked on a class
definition, will create an instance.  If invoked on an instance,
it should do nothing, but in the 4.0 release it triggers
an error...  This one is my fault...


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