[kepler-dev] Re: [kepler-cvs] kepler/configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler - New directory

Ilkay Altintas altintas at sdsc.edu
Fri Apr 9 11:14:41 PDT 2004

Hey Xiaowen,

Did these changes compile for you before you checked them 
in? I have just updated the repository to see the changes 
but it looks like the changes broke the kepler build.
I can't compile anymore.

The problem is that my config files that you moved to the
new configs directory is referenced by the Kepler build
file. And the kepler build file is not updated to handle
these changes. It's better if you are logged in to the irc 
and would let us know when you are doing this kind of changes. 


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kepler/configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler - New directory

Hi Xiaowen,

Can you please explain why it is necessary to have a recursive hierarchy of
configs directories? Wouldn't having kepler/configs/kepler,
kepler/configs/spa, etc.. be enough?



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> xin         04/04/09 10:40:25
>   kepler/configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler - New directory
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