[SDM-SPA] Re: [kepler-dev] moving edu.ncsu to org.sdm.spa

Efrat Jaeger efrat at sdsc.edu
Wed Apr 7 08:51:43 PDT 2004

lib is a folder where we store binary code that was not written by us (e.g.
the xml parsers). Therefore I think UUID should go there. I don't think we
should store there any utility file that we create.


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> >>>>> "EJ" == Efrat Jaeger <efrat at sdsc.edu> writes:
> EJ>
> EJ> The XSLT should probably go under spa as it was contributed by Ilkay.
As for
> EJ> the UUID, it is neither GEON nor SPA, so it should either go under a
> EJ> utilities folder as Ilkay suggested or I can jar it and put it under
> what is the difference between lib and util?
> EJ>
> EJ> - Efrat
> EJ>
> >> Efrat: you're listed as the author for
> >> src/org/geon/OpenDBConnection.java, which is the only non-spa file I
> >> could find that uses the code in util/.  Would it be okay for me to
> >> what's now in src/util into org/sdm/spa/util/?  Alternatively, we could
> >> move those two files into org/geon/util/.
> EJ>
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