[kepler-dev] Re: [seek-dev] notes from workflow workshop

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at sdsc.edu
Tue Dec 16 11:00:44 PST 2003

Hi Chad:

Thanks for sending the summary.

Just one more talk/system that I found interesting is
	Matthew Shields: Workflow and Triana Services

This is also an open source dataflow system.

Also the presentation by the WfMC folks seems to reinforce (at least IMHO)
that business workflows and scientific workflows are very different
beasts ... 


>>>>> "CB" == Chad Berkley <berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu> writes:
CB> Hi,
CB> Attached are a few notes that I took at the Workflow workshop in 
CB> Edinburgh.  These are the projects that I thought were interesting and 
CB> had something in common with one or more of our projects.  Some of them 
CB> you have, no doubt, heard about already.  Feel free to email me with 
CB> any questions...maybe I'll be able to answer them.  All of the given 
CB> presentations with contact info can be seen here: 
CB> http://www.nesc.ac.uk/action/esi/contribution.cfm?Title=303
CB> chad
CB> narada brokering: naradabrokering.org
CB>   stream oriented workflow: xgsp web service mcu arch.
CB> chimera (argon):
CB> virtual data language - describes data transformations (lineage tracking)
CB>   transformation - template of program invocation
CB>   derivation - stores past and future (actual function call)
CB>   invocation - how derivation was executed (log)
CB> MyGrid
CB>   "Taverna" - build, edit and browse workflows
CB>   import services
CB>   integrated execution via Enactor
CB>   Taverna Workflow Workbench - nice gui workflow editor
CB>   supports control flow and data flow
CB>   built in provenance control
CB>   written in java
CB>   taverna.sourceforge.net
CB>   freefluo.sourceforge.net
CB> Geodise (engineering)
CB>   allows the use of scripting within workflows
CB>   map scripts onto workflow components
CB>   workflow tool includes semantics and integrated ontologies
CB>   using protege
CB>   intelligent workflow monitoring and advice (rule based to case based in real time)
CB> Choreology - OASIS WS BPEL TC
CB>   BPEL - XML language for defining behaviour of a process
CB>    provides web services
CB>    uses web services
CB>    everything is a web service (no external interactions)
CB> WS-CDL - Web Services Choreography Description Language (w3c)
CB>   goal: declarative language that describes collaborations of web services
CB>     participants by defining their externally observable behavior as part of an
CB>     interorganizational transaction
CB>   choreography - the observable public exchange of messages
CB>   orchestration - private executable business process
CB>   BPEL can be used to make choreography and orchestration work together
CB>   web servies participants interact and align their shared information
CB>   set of interactions are combined to form a behavioral unit (choreography)

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