[ecoinfo] Training workshop: Software tools for managing sensor networks

Corinna Gries cgries at wisc.edu
Tue Feb 19 11:48:22 PST 2013

Training workshop: Software tools and strategies for managing sensor 
We are pleased to announce a training workshop "Software tools and 
strategies for managing sensor networks" sponsored by the Long-Term 
Ecological Research program (_LTER_ <http://www.lternet.edu>) and the 
University of California at San Diego (_UCSD_ 
<http://www.dataturbine.org/>). The training will be held April 23-26, 
2013, at the LTER Network Office in Albuquerque, NM.  We have support to 
cover travel and lodging for participants that need it. Registration is 
now open with a deadline of March 4, 2013.
Please see _http://im.lternet.edu/im_training/sensors_2013_ and click on 
"Training application form" to register. Your participation will be 
confirmed by March 11, 2013. Participants will be selected to broadly 
represent the ecological and environmental science community. Demand is 
likely to be high and we probably will not be able to accommodate all 
The goal of this training is to promote best practices for sensor data 
management and provide hands-on training in the use of existing tools 
and common software. This workshop is designed to introduce several 
software tools for managing streaming sensor data with hands-on 
exercises. Software tool training will include Open Source DataTurbine, 
GCE Data Toolbox for MATLAB, the CUAHSI technology stack, an 
introduction to the Kepler workflow system and introductory R. Best 
practices for managing sensor data and providing quality assurance and 
quality control (QA/QC) will be discussed. Workshop trainers and 
software resource links are listed on the webpage. The agenda and more 
detailed information will follow in the coming weeks.
. Workshop dates: April 23 - April 26 (noon), 2013; Travel days: April 
22 and April 26 afternoon.
. Registration deadline: March 4, 2013
. Participant confirmation: March 11, 2013
. Location: LTER Network Office, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
. We have support to cover travel and lodging for participants that need it.
For more information and to register for the workshop, please visit: 
Don Henshaw
Andrews Forest (AND) LTER
Corinna Gries
North Temperate Lakes (NTL) LTER
Tony Fountain
UCSD -- DataTurbine Project

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