[ecoinfo] GCE LTER seeking assistant information manager (Athens, GA)

Wade Sheldon sheldon at uga.edu
Tue May 11 10:24:10 PDT 2010

The Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER site 
(http://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/) is seeking a full-time assistant 
information manager to work at the University of Georgia in Athens, 
Georgia. The position is available starting July 1, 2010, with funding 
allocated through at least 2012.

A brief summary of the position is provided below. To view more 
information or apply, please visit the UGA iPAWS web site and search for 
the indicated Posting number.

    URL: https://www.ugajobsearch.com/ 
    Posting number: 20100512

Contact Wade Sheldon (sheldon at uga.edu) for additional information or 


Wade Sheldon
GCE-LTER Information Manager


Scientific Computing Professional - Associate

Job Description:
     The person in this position will be responsible for assisting with 
data management for the Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER, a major 
NSF-sponsored research project administered at UGA. The employee will 
process and analyze raw data from field studies and GPS surveys, develop 
technical metadata (documentation) for new data acquisitions, respond to 
technical data and analysis requests, and assist with maintenance of 
project web site and database content. They will also assist project 
personnel with using ArcGIS software and data for geospatial analysis 
and making maps for presentations. The job will include periodic travel 
to remote field locations on the Georgia coast and operation of 
high-precision Trimble GPS survey equipment and associated computer 
software. The employee will also be expected to collaborate with other 
IT professionals in the national NSF LTER network.

     A degree in environmental science and relevant experience analyzing 
research data from field and laboratory studies. Masters degree 
preferred. Demonstrated proficiency in use of advanced computer software 
(e.g. MATLAB, R, ArcGIS and relational databases), to process, analyze, 
distribute, and store data and derived products. Must be able to apply a 
variety of data analysis techniques to natural resources data, develop 
high-quality metadata for data products, and assist graduate students 
and Ph.D. researchers with specialized data acquisition and analysis. 
The successful applicant will have a valid driver's license and 
experience in field data collection, preferably in coastal environments. 
This job requires travel to the Georgia coast for field work 
approximately twice a year for periods of up to a week.


  Wade M. Sheldon
  GCE-LTER Information Manager/SIMO Database Administrator
  School of Marine Programs
  University of Georgia
  Athens, GA 30602-3636
  Email: sheldon at uga.edu
  WWW: http://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/public/app/personnel_bios.asp?id=wsheldon

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