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Dear Colleagues,

The University of Wyoming Department of Geography, Program in Ecology and Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center are currently advertising a research scientist position in the area of ecoinformatics. Please see announcement below.


Steve Prager

Steven D. Prager, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
University of Wyoming

307 766 5378
sdprager at uwyo.edu<mailto:sdprager at uwyo.edu>

The University of Wyoming (UW) invites application for an Assistant Research Scientist academic professional in the area of ecological informatics. This is a new position designed to build expertise across campus in both ecoinformatics and relevant disciplinary specialty as part of a university-wide ecology initiative supported by the NSF Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research. Research support and research responsibilities shall include: 1) improving access to ecological data, information and computational services through data acquisition, data integration, and management activities; 2) developing and implementing analytic procedures, algorithms, modeling techniques and workflows; and 3) participation in the development of collaborative initiatives and programs between WyGISC, the UW Program in Ecology and the UW Department of Geography.

Minimum qualifications include: Postgraduate degree in an appropriate environmental science field, emphasizing work with large environmental databases or, a postgraduate informatics degree with relevant ecology experience; Demonstrated knowledge of both fundamental and advanced concepts in informatics and informatics research; Demonstrated technical skills in: database development & management or software application programming; Two years relevant experience working in an interdisciplinary collaborative team research environment.

Preferred qualifications include: Knowledge of state-of-the-art research and development in the field of ecoinformatics, including ecology-specific data collection techniques, metadata implementation, distributed sensor system and computing infrastructures, and workflow application development; Successful teaching and outreach experience related to ecological informatics; Knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles in geographic information science; Advanced expertise in one or more of the following areas: distributed computing and data management, data mining and knowledge discovery, spatiotemporal analysis and modeling, information visualization, scientific workflow design and implementation.

Required application materials include the following: a brief cover letter indicating your interest in being considered and summarizing your qualifications for the position; a current curriculum vitae; and a two to three page statement relating your professional goals and experiences to the position and your view on how the position could support and advance ecology and geographic information science at the University of Wyoming.

Applicants are encouraged to explore background information on WyGISC, the Department of Geography, and the interdisciplinary Program in Ecology as well as other relevant programs on campus (see http://www.uwyo.edu/wygisc, http://www.uwyo.edu/PIE and http://www.uwyo.edu/geog).

Applicants should submit all materials as PDF-format file attachments via e-mail with “ECOINFORMATICS POSITION” in the subject heading, and arrange for submittal of three reference letters (with phone and e-mail contact info) in the same manner to: Steven Prager (Email: sdprager at uwyo.edu<mailto:sdprager at uwyo.edu>), Search Committee Chair, UW Department of Geography.

Screening of applicants will begin on January 8, 2010.

The University of Wyoming is a Carnegie Foundation Research Extensive Institution, and is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer.
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