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Chris G. Nicholas cgn at globexplorer.com
Wed Apr 2 15:16:14 PST 2003

>  Taxonomy is another major thrust.

totally, totally agreed. This also happens to be something OGC is battling through now, and things are dividing into UDDI/ebXML versus DAML+OIL and semantic web.  Everyone realizes that without taxonomies it is all babble.

regarding an "EcoGRID", you might find the ecoinformatics stuff of: http://mygrid.man.ac.uk/index.shtml

and their bioinformatics effort: 


quite interesting...perhaps has some overlap with your "metacat" effort...

Ideally, if you wanted to test the hypothesis of, say, "this charactaristic ought to show up during this stage of its morphology in bands 5, 6, and 7 of Landsat 7 in such-and-such a Riparian zone", and Ohio just happened to have appropriate Landsat scenes, you should be able to remotely exec a Globus job to their supercomputer center to look for that signature.....and not download a few dozen 500 megabyte scenes if at all possible....

and ideally what got sent there is some efficient representation, (IMA-XML?) that got compiled into executables, that could be "published" by the appropriate authority.

Anyway, glad to initiate this discussion!  We will be trying out the stuff of http://www.fourmilab.ch/speakfree against a reflector we will be running here at GlobeXplorer, as well as crude-but-effective version of WebEx in an applet for these sessions in the next few days.

Chris Nicholas
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Thanks for the pointer.  We've recently started work on some federation 
approaches for accessing ecological and biodiversity data from field 
stations nationally and internationally.  This "EcoGrid" effort will be 
one of several initiatives that we will be pursuing under the Science 
Environment for Ecological Knowledge (SEEK) project 
(http://seek.ecoinformatics.org).   We are striving to make EcoGrid 
compatible with Globus and other grid initiatives.  Although spatial 
data is important in this context, it isn't the only organizing focus of 
our work.  Taxonomy is another major thrust.   I'm not sure how much 
overlap there is with the OpenGIS approaches, but it would be 
interesting to explore the possibilities.


Matt Jones
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, UC Santa Barbara
jones at nceas.ucsb.edu

Chris G. Nicholas wrote:
> Thought I would forward this along to you folks; we will probably have a few forms of distance participation capability if people are interested.
> Topics of discussion we hope to open up include exploring the OpenGIS registry model concept of an ebXML registry to encompass "well-known" taxonomies of natural resource information, and the general topic of federation. 
> In particular, we'd be extremely interested if people think there is a realistic prospect not only for data interchange, but perhaps down the road a few years, distributed, hierarchical modeling, that might structurally link in with national synoptic efforts using Globus/GRID or other appropriate technologies. 
> Chris Nicholas
> GlobeXplorer
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> Colleagues:
> The April Technical Committee meeting is fast approaching.  Please let me know of any presentations you  may have, or items you'd like to  discuss at the Natural Resources and Environment WG meeting in Orléans.
> Items on the docket so far include a vote on our updated charter, and 
> news about OGC progress in the domain of Sustainable Development.
> We will also be very interested in hearing about applications you've 
> implemented using OGC technologies, or requirements you have for future 
> work involving resource management, environmental monitoring, or 
> ecological processes.
> I look forward to hearing from you.
> Regards,
> Flip
> Phillip C. Dibner
> Ecosystem Associates
> (650) 948-3537
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