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List Description
Bdwg-cvs CVS logs from the bdwg module
Bdwg-dev Developer discussion for the bdwg module
Bestat-accounts [no description available]
Cvsroot-cvs CVS logs from the CVSROOT module
datanetone [no description available]
Datanetone-ccit [no description available]
Datanetone-ceo [no description available]
Ecoinfo General discussion list for ecological informatics issues
ecoinformaticsweb-cvs CVS logs.
Eml-cvs CVS logs from the eml module
Eml-dev Developer discussion for the eml module
first FIRST project discussion.
first-cvs FIRST cvs logs
Informatics-training Discussion of informatics training opportunities
Invest-forum [no description available]
Jalama-cvs CVS logs from the jalama module
Jalama-dev Developer discussion for the jalama module
jmx Juvenile Migrant Exchange project
jmx-log JMX development log files
Knb-course Discussion list for the KNB project seminar courses
Knbweb-code [no description available]
kruger-cvs CVS logs for the kruger module in SANParks informatics.
metacat-cvs CVS logs from the metacat module
Metacat-dev Developer discussion for the metacat module
Monarch-cvs CVS logs from the monarch module
Monarch-dev Developer discussion for the monarch module
morpho-cvs CVS logs from the morpho module
Morpho-dev Developer discussion for the morpho module
obs Observational Science Data
One-semantics [no description available]
Overlay-cvs CVS logs from the overlay module
Overlay-dev Developer discussion for the overlay module
Pbi-cvs CVS logs from the pbi module
Pbi-dev Developer discussion for the pbi module
Pmc The Project Management Committee for
Rdifs-training Discussion of RDIFS training workshops
reap Discussion list for the REAP project.
reap-cvs REAP cvs logs
sanparks [no description available]
Scimodel-cvs CVS logs from the scimodel module
Scimodel-dev Developer discussion for the scimodel module
Seek SEEK discussion mailing list
Seek-announce Announcements from the SEEK project.
Seek-beam SEEK Biodiversity and Ecological Modleing and Analysis WG list
Seek-cvs CVS logs from the seek module
Seek-dev Developer discussion for SEEK Ecogrid, SMS, and AMS
Seek-eot SEEK education, outreach, and training discussion list.
Seek-kr SEEK Knowledge Representation working group list.
Seek-logistics SEEK logistics and administration list
Seek-reports A list for review of status reports for SEEK.
Seek-taxon SEEK Taxonomic classification working group list
Seek-training Discussion of SEEK informatics training
Seek-ucsd SEEK UCSD participants
Seek-web [no description available]
seekexec-cvs SEEK Exec CVS commit logs
semtools [no description available]
semtools-cvs Semantic tools extensions
Semtools-log [no description available]
sonet [no description available]
Sonet-forum [no description available]
sonet-leaders [no description available]
Sonet-log svn update list
span-log Commit logs and bugs for the SPAN project.
Ssdbm-cvs CVS logs from the ssdbm module
Ssdbm-dev Developer discussion for the ssdbm module
Tcs-lc Discussion of the Taxonomic Concept Standard and Linnean Core standard
Utilities-cvs CVS logs from the utilities module
Utilities-dev Developer discussion for the utilities module
vdc [no description available]
vdc-code [no description available]
vdc-community VDC Community Discussion
vdc-dev Technical discussions for the Virtual Data Center project
vdc-twg [no description available]
Vegbank-cvs CVS logs from the vegbank module
Vegbank-dev Developer discussion for the vegbank module
Wow-cvs CVS logs from the wow module
Wow-dev Developer discussion for the WOW project

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